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The Sandy ‘Lockdown’ Quiz


As so many people are having to self-isolate or restrict their social contacts the Rotary Club would like to try to help keep the little grey cells stimulated by offering a FREE copy of one of our old quizzes that many of you may not have seen.


As this was created in 1996 in the dark days before Internet was widely available
you may want to try it for fun without using the Internet.


… It is based on proverbs from around the world.
Each proverb has been split in two, then each half arranged alphabetically.
The challenge is to link up all the correct halves. 
    see the *** note at the bottom of the page


For example, if you think :

‘A rolling stone’ … ‘gathers no moss’ – then after q7 put a15 in the box, and so on.

As this is just a bit of fun, there is no entry fee and no prizes.


If you get stuck/not sure, or think you got them all correct and would like a copy of the
answers send a Stamped Addressed Envelope to the address at the bottom of this page.
Answers will be sent out and published on this website at the end of August.


We shall be producing our normal Annual Christmas Quiz (the 26th), in November so if you enjoy this or have enjoyed one of our previous quizzes keep an eye out for how to obtain an entry form later this year.


In the meantime we hope you enjoy this puzzle

… to download a ‘.pdf’ file of this quiz to print, click the page below to view and print, or save to your computer








P.S.   *** One of these proverbs was made up by our Quizmaster, Tony Heslop in 1996.
Can you spot which one?








For a copy of the answers, send Stamped Addressed Envelope to:





Rotary Club of Sandy - Quiz

c/o 11 Horne Lane

Potton, Sandy,


SG19 2LS









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